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Being “green” doesn’t prevent from being “mature”.
Our formulas are top secret (they are locked away in each of the five continents) but we’ll always mention all the ingredients and we promise that they will always respect your body and our planet.
We always choose first quality ingredients. Baby’s skin is soft and delicate...a great strategy that makes us fall in love with them from day one. Taking care of its balance so that it remains irresistible is Bubbles&Creams objective. We will soon forget all the sleepless nights.
Our packaging too is ecologic. We use as little material as possible in each packaging and we make sure that it can be efficiently recycled. Plastic bottles are recyclable. Our paper and cardboard are recycled. Our labels are manufactured from 100 % recycled paper and glued on the bottles with "Greentac Plus", a recyclable adhesive. We used solid ink, a lot less polluting than liquid ink.
We brainstorm to offer our packaging a second life; our “birth basket” is composed of a “compostable” box, which will turn into a tree that will grow up with Baby !
Our products boast the Ecocert Greenlife label, from a private and independent company, highly accredited in organic products control; this certifies that all we do and say respect the norms.
Bubbles&Creams is “made in France”; our bottles have not travelled thousand of miles on a plane or on a boat… which helps reduce the blasted CO2 discharge !
Environmental balance is as delicate as Baby’s skin. When respecting and protecting it, we’ll succeed in our children being able, when their turn arrives, to take care of their babies’ skin, with the best ingredients our planet can offer.
This is how we work at Bubbles&Creams… this is absolutely true and will always be that way… Cross our hearts…. (and we don’t cross our fingers behind our backs).
Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT Standard available at http://cosmetiques.ecocert.com