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We are Bubbles& Creams, the new generation of natural cosmetics for your baby. We manufacture soaps and creams with loads of good things and without any strange and harmful ingredients!!
We care about every single thing in our formulas. This is why we select the best ingredients with the same strictness and thoroughness as if we were choosing a parachute to jump off a plane at 40’000 ft.
Then, we use these ingredients in sufficient quantities to be able to feel their beneficial effect and not at 0.00001 %, enough to write their pretty names on our labels.
With rose floral water, with camomile floral water, with neroli floral water, with aloe vera, with shea butter, with calendula oil, with jojoba oil, with sunflower oil, with olive oil…all organic (but not all in the same bottle, obviously!)
We also worry about all that must not be in our formulas and that’s why they are free of alcohol, free of petro-chemical derivatives, free of silicone, free of GMOs, free of paraffin, free of paraben, free of mineral oil, free of synthetic perfume, free of colouring agents… in other words free of anything nasty.
We only manufacture in limited amounts, which allows us to use as little preservatives as possible. Our formulas go through strict dermatologic tolerance tests in order to minimise sensitivity risks. This means that kind volunteers have already used our products for days and that serious scientists have checked and meticulously studied what was happening on the volunteers’ skins.
Our products smell deliciously irresistible! It’s not because a cream is organic that it has to smell of Agaricus xanthodermus humus !
The unusual shape of Bubbles&Creams bottles has been designed to keep our product in best conditions, thus avoiding it’s contamination.
In short, we cannot give you back the lost sleep hours, but we can guarantee that every single bottle of Bubbles&Creams is made as if it was meant for our babies. Truly.