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Bubbles&Creams, why this name? It’s because everything we do contains bubbles or creams and as we’ve become international, we’ve decided that our name will be in English (and also to show off!). You can say our name whichever way you want. Maria, our first fan’s Granny has not yet pronounced it twice in the same way!
The story is simple… once upon a time a pharmacist and natural cosmetics freak, Carmen, became a mother. As she was never convinced with the skin-care products that she found for her baby, she started manufacturing them. Nothing new really, as she had already done this for herself in the past. Like before, her friends wanted to try out these new products. This time and rapidly so, her friends asked for more.. and then her friend’s friends, and friends of friends of friends… All of a sudden, there were a lot of Mummies and Daddies who were "home" with their baby skin-care !
Evidently, Carmen’s kitchen became too small for the “business”. She quit her job, looked for experts in creation and innovation of organic and environment-friendly cosmetics… and lots of other fields of more than 4 syllable ending with “ics”, scientist with lot of pens in their white coat’s pockets, mastering organic-environment-cosmetic. What these people don’t know has not yet been discovered. She endlessly talked with them and worked even more to obtain the exact formulas she was looking for. This is how Carmen created Bubbles&Creams.
For Mummies and Daddies who already enjoyed Bubbles&Creams products and for those who will like them from now on, nothing has changed. We have just done our products under strict controls and we have done these little bottles up so that they can make their débuts in society and be available for every Mummy and Daddy who have not yet found suitable skin-care products for their baby.